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Bike and E-Bike Flat Tire Repair

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Mechanics were friendly and did great work and stand behind their work with a warranty covering parts and labour. I’ll be back!

Bike and E-Bike Flat Tire Repair Prices and Compositions

Tire and Tube replacement should be a same day service in all Repair and Run Workshops.

We will do our best to have you back on the road in less than 20 minutes.

We are able to service most brands and stock 90% of the market sizes for tubes and tires.


Prices includes LABOUR ONLY

Front Wheel


Rear Wheel


Tubeless Repair


A flat tire means that you need to replace your tube and maybe your tire.

Most Flat tires are caused by:

-Puncture on the tube or tubeless tire because of a sharp object.

-Pinch Flat because the tire was not inflated enough.

-Worn tire, tires tend to wear inside and destroy the tube , again the cause is not only aging it's also that the tire was not inflated enough.


Average Tube cost

$9 to $15

Average Tire Cost

$25 to $69 and more

How to Avoid Flat Tire?

-Inflate your tires often with a good pump, you might need an adapter.

-Stop riding your Bike as soon as you get a flat , this will save you buying a new tire.

Are Anti-Puncture tires a good option?

Anti puncture Tire like the Schwalbe Marathon plus will save about 75% of the flat tire.
They are a bit less efficient (fast) and they cost more but they will save you money and time in the long run.

Are Studded tires good option?

Studded tires are a good option for winter , they will deliver incredible traction and will allow you to ride during harsh conditions.
We do not recommend studded tires for downtown only commuting, especially if your usual bike lanes are clear from snow.
It exist non studded winter tires that are doing a very good job and that can be used during mid season or even all year around.

Will you guarantee a Flat Tire Repair?

Flat tire repairs are unfortunately not an exact science.
As much attention as we give to the tire inspection some sharp object or other issues might still be in your tire or wheel after a repair.
For this reason any flat tire that occur on the same day or on the next day of use of your bike will be covered for parts + labour.

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