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Tobechi Nosiri

Good service. Staff are knowledgeable and communicable. They accept e-bikes too; even if you didn't purchase it from them.

E-Diagnostics for E-Bikes, E-Scooters and Batteries.

Repair and Run accepts most E-Bikes , E-Scooters and Battery brands for Diagnostics.
This is the first step to troubleshoot any electrical issue.

Our professional technicians are highly trained in the repair of electrical failures. They undergo continuous training in-store and also follow recognized training courses from Bosch and Shimano.

E-Diagnostic & Troubleshooting Level 1



-One hour of high skill labour

If our team can solve the issue during that time :

You pay only the above $59


We provide you with a quote if the repair needs additional parts and labour, before involving any additional costs.

Important details

-92% of our Diagnostics stay on the level 1

-We are able to solve 87% of all diagnostics that come to our stores.

-Diagnostics fees are the only service fees customers need to pay upfront with a deposit.

Is it worth a repair?

With all our efforts to repair, reuse and reduce, entry level E-Scooter under 600$ with confidential brands can be more or almost more costly to repair than buying a new one.

Our team will have to be honest and make it clear that sometimes it is not worth it.

They will provide you with good advice in order for you to get or maintain a better E-Scooter.

How long will take my Diagnostic and Repair

-Diagnostics and Repairs are done from the same day to 15 days later.

Brands Like Apollo, Radpower, Envo, Dualtron, Dost, Movin for which we have parts or that we partner with, will get a faster turnaround time.

-For confidential brands our only limit is the part availability, we might be able to find compatible parts but this might take up to a couple of months.

How to avoid Electrical failure

-Avoid rain trips if possible and if you do ride in the rain, dry your battery contacts after a trip and protect your display.

-Consider a ''Waterproofing'' at Repair and Run, this will protect your E-Scooter and increase your item lifespan.

-Do regular E-Scooter and E-Bike Tune Ups, with all bolts tighten there is less chance that water could get in your item plus bad contacts come very often from loose parts.

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