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E-Scooter Repair

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Betty Dworatschek

Merci!!!! Received Phenomenal Service! Beautifully Repaired my escooter after being damaged in an attempted theft. It’s like new again and the price was reasonable. Intake of the scooter was seamless & very detailed. The work was completed quickly. Everyone here is very professional. I had a great experience, will definitely go back for future service and highly recommend for escooter and ebike repairs.

Professional E-Scooter repair

Repair and Run is proud to offer full scale electrical diagnostics, warranty related issues, and general maintenance on E-scooters.

Repairs, Maintenance, Service, and more. Servicing and repairs on major brands such as Apollo, Ninebot, Xiaomi, Inokim, Dualtron, Zero, Speedway, Synergy, Kaboo and more.

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E-Scooter Tune-Up (up to 32km/hr)


E-Scooter Tune-Up (over 32km/hr)


Tube/Tire Replacement


Solid Tire/ Tube Replacement (Motor Wheel)


Solid Tire set Replacement


E-Scooter Tube/Tire Change Split Wheel


E-Scooter Tube/Tire Change Split Wheel over 32km/h


E-Scooter Mechanical Brake Tune-Up


E-Scooter Disc Brake Pads Replacement and Adjustment


Fender Replacement


E-Scooter Tune Up

 -  ABC’s of E-Scooter maintenance Air, Brakes, and Care

  A clean and properly tuned E-Scooter will always make your ride more enjoyable. Checking your ABC’s will help maintain the different components and ensure your E-Scooter is properly running.

- Air - Having properly inflated tires provides ideal ride quality and cushion for bumps and road hazards, while maintaining efficient top speed and distance.  

- Brakes - are the most important part of any E-Scooter. They are the safety system for control. Make sure your brakes are tight and in correct working order and are able to bring your E-Scooter to a complete stop.

-Care -  Make sure your E-scooter is really tight, all bolts must be tight or the whole unit will fall apart. This is one of the most fundamental aspects to E-Scooter maintenance. Listen to strange sounds and keep it tight!

FAQs about E-Scooter Repair

How often should I service my E-Scooter?

  This can vary drastically on how much your E-Scooter gets used. Typically, a biyearly service plus an inspection at the beginning of the season is a good way to start to maintain the life of your E-Scooter. Of course, the more you may ride the more attention your E-Scooter will require as many parts such as brakes and tires wear down over time and need replacing. It is always better to practice good preventative maintenance measures instead of running into an unexpected problem while in the middle of your ride.

Are electric scooters environmentally friendly?

Electric scooters are very good for the environment. They don’t cause greenhouse gas emissions, and they also help reduce traffic jams. Much of their building material including their small batteries, can be recycled and reused.

Are electric scooters reliable?

Electric scooters produced in the last 5 years and over $1000 will be very reliable. Electric scooters have advanced quickly with quality, motor power, and battery capacity, both have increased many times over. Most modern brands will have great ranges and last for years if they are properly maintained.

How much do electric scooters cost?
Electric scooters prices can range from anywhere between $699 and $10,000. On average, electric scooters cost around $1300.
We don't recommend buying any E-Scooter for less than $1000 if you want to use it as a frequent transportation mode.

How much does it cost to service my E-Scooter?

  There are 200 different technical services that we offer to fully service any E-Scooter from start to finish. Every E-Scooter is different and will require different levels of attention based on the condition overall. Typically an E-Scooter would benefit most from a Tune Up covering all the necessary checkpoints to get you back on the road. A simple repair could cost as little as 10$ for a headset adjustment, to upwards of hundreds of dollars for more extensive and labour intensive repairs.

E-Scooter Advantages?

 Almost every E-scooter can take you 25 km/h or more, giving you that feeling like you have been teleported, not transported.

E-scooters provide a smooth and quiet ride across town while making sure you get where you need to be on time and in style.

Business people can, without any fears, dress in a suit and be ready for their daily meetings. No need to be concerned about being  sweaty, dirty because of the chain or wrinkled because of the seat. Electric scooters are a great method of transport for condo living as they fold in half, making them extremely easy to get in and out of tight spaces such as stairways, elevators and hallways.

More and more people who live in downtown areas are seeing the benefits of getting around town with the help of a folding electric scooter.

''There are 200 different technical services that we offer to fully service any E-Scooter from start to finish... ''

Some of the E-Scooter we repair:

Acton 1 Evoque 2 Scooter Kugo Segway Ninebot
Ada Smart V10Plus Evqlv Kugoo Shark Power
Air Pro 2022 Explore Kugoo G2 Shell Ride Sr5S
Altruism C1 Seated Scooter Explorer 2021 Kugoo G2 Pro Shock
Apollo Explorer Hs8 Kugoo G3 Shockblack
Apollo 2021 Air Pro Ezotron Kugoo M2 Pro Shok
Apollo Air Eztwow Kugoog2Pro Sidekick X8
Apollo Air 2019 Ezwheel Xtrack Kugookirin Skite Hyper
Apollo Air 2021 Ezyla Kuook Skoots
Apollo Air 2022 Faster Levy Skywalker
Apollo Air 21 Feishen Liviae Seated Scooter Smart Kick
Apollo Air 22 Fiat Loco S2 Smartkick
Apollo Air Blk Fiat 500 Lyhqsw Smartkick X8
Apollo Air Pro Flash Macwheel Soonic
Apollo Air Pro 2021 Flash 3.0 Macwheel , Xiaomi Copy Speed Leger
Apollo Air Pro 2021/22 Flash Gyro 3.0 Macwheel Pro Speed Way
Apollo Air Pro 2022 Flash Pro Make Life Electric Speedway
Apollo Air Pro 21 Flash Pro Max Mantis Speedway Ledger Pro
Apollo Air Pro 22 Flash3.0 Mantis 10 Speedway Leger
Apollo Air2022 Flasjpro Maxspeed Speedway Leger Pro
Apollo City Fluid Mee2 Speedway Mini 4
Apollo City 2021 Fluid Horizon Meepo Longboard Speedway V
Apollo City 2022 Fluidhorizon Mercane Speedy Way
Apollo City 22 Freedom Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Spirit
Apollo City Air Fucare Mi Pro 2 Stakyomo T88
Apollo City Pro Gen 3 Mi Scooter Pro 2 Suoto S10
Apollo City Pro 2022 Gen3 Microgo Suotu
Apollo City Pro 23 Generic Monster Swag Gear 5
Apollo Explore Generic Ninebot Motor Gear Swagtron
Apollo Ghost Generic Synergy Motor X Synergi Tsunami
Apollo Ghost 2021 Generic Turbo Ant Copy Motorgear Synergy
Apollo Ghost 2022 Generic Turboant Copy My Go X 11 Synergy 49
Apollo Ghost Blk Generic Xiaomi Mz Chaser Synergy 500W
Apollo Ghost V1 Geo Fought Nami Synergy 800
Apollo Ghost. Go Trax Nanrobot Synergy 800W
Apollo Ghost/Vdm10 Go Trax G4 Navee Synergy City Elite
Apollo Light Go Trax Gxl Navee N65 Synergy Dual 800
Apollo Lite Go Trax9Max Ultra Night Ryder Synergy Dual 800W
Apollo Phantom Gogreen Ninbot G30 Max Synergy Dual Sport
Apollo Phantom 2 Gotrax Ninbot Max G30 Synergy Elite
Apollo Phantom V1 Gotrax Apex Ninebopt G30Max Synergy Sport
Apollo Phantom V2 Gotrax Eclipse Ninebot Synergy Sport 500
Apollo Phantom V2 60 Volt Gotrax G Max Ultra Ninebot ES2 Synergy Sport 800W
Apollo Phantom V2 60V Gotrax G4 Ninebot ES4 Synergy Sport Dual
Apollo Phantom V3 Gotrax Gmax Ultra Ninebot E22 Synergy Sport Elite
Apollo Pro Gotrax Gxl Ninebot E25 Synergy Sport Single
Apollo Wide Wheel Gotrax Ultra Ninebot E25A Synergy Sport Single Motor
Apolo Explore. Gotrax Xr Elite Ninebot F40 Tektrendy
Apolo Ghost 2022 Gotrax Xr Ultra Ninebot G30 Teverun Fighter
Apolo Phantom Gravity Ninebot G30 Copy Tro Tego
Arashi Gravity Blade Ninebot G30 Lp Trotego
Arrow Gyrocopter Ninebot G30 Max Turbo Ant
Bird Gyrocopter 3.0 Ninebot G30 Max W/Suspension Turbo Ant X7 Pro
Black/White Gyrocopter Flash Ninebot G30Lp Turboant
Blade 10 Gyrocopter Flash 3.0 Ninebot G30Max Turboant X7
Blutron Gyrocopter Flash Pro Max Ninebot G30P Turboant Xm Pro
Bogist Gyrocopter Flash Prox Max Ninebot Max Turbowheel
Bogist C1 Pro Gyrocopter Hoverboard Ninebot Max G30 Ubor X8
Bogist Ci Pro Gyrocopter Sonic Ninebot S Unagi
Boosted Gyrocopterflash 3.0 Ninebot Scooter Unigogot11_Pro
Boosted Rev Gyrocopters Ninebot T15S Urbo S
Bronco Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 Ninebot Wheel Urbos
Bugatti Halo Knight Ninebot Xpro Varla
Circooter Handiscooter Niu Vfly
City 2023 Pro Hi Boy Niu Koi3 Vig Joyor
City Air 2022 Hiboy Niu Kqi3Pro Volt
Crony Hiboy S2 Max Niu Kyos Volt Red Sky
Dual Tron Eagle Hiboymax Okai Vooco
Dualped Hiboys2Pro Okai 20 Vsett
Dualped Spider Highboy S2 Pro Okai Beetle Seated Scooter Vsett 10
Dualtron Hiro Okai Neon 2 Vsett 10+
Dualtron 3 Hobbee Okaineon Vsett 8
Dualtron Blade X Hoodax Okie Beattle Vsett 9 Plus
Dualtron City Horwin Outstorm Vsett 9+
Dualtron Eagle Hover 1 Outstorm max Vsett10
Dualtron Eagle Pro Hoverboard Plug Vsett10+
Dualtron Mini Hoverhighlander Pro Zip Vsett2
Dualtron Mini Limited Hyper Prokaboo Vsett9
Dualtron Pro Imax S1 Prozip Vsett9+
Dualtron Spider Imotion S1F Prozip Ultraboost Wheel Speed
Dualtron Thunder In Motion L8 Pseudo Ninebot Wheelspeed
Dualtron Thunder 2 In Motion L9 Pure Wheelspeed Ws1 Pro
Dualtron Thunder 3 In Motion S1 Rand Wheelspeed X1
Dualtron Thunder I Inmotion Raptor Wide Wheel
Dualtron Ultra 2 Inmotion L9 Razor Wide Wheel Pro
Dualtron Victor Innokimlight Razor Eprime Air Widewheel Pro
E Move Cruiser Inokim Razor100 Wingomart
E Rhino Inokim Light 2 Rbsm Winner Sky
E-Move Inokim Ox Rbsm Sports Winter Sky
Ecoreco Inokim Quick 4 Rdm X8 Wiring Pro
Ekruiz Jetson Realmax Wolf King
Electric Skateboard Jetson Bolt Red Sky X Hover
Emove Jetson Mini Red Sky G30 Copy X-Tron
Emove Copy Jue Shual X700 Red Sky Ninebot Copy X1017
Emove Cruiser Kaabo Redsky X7
Emove Touring Kaabo Mantis Redsky Volt + Xhover1
Emovecruiser Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Redsky Volt 2.0 Xiaomi
Envo E50 Kaabo Mantis Pro Redskyg30 Xiaomi M365
Epic Kaabo Mantis Pro Sc Redskyg30Clone Xiaomi Pro
Epic X8 Kaabo Skywalker Redskyvolt+ Xiaomi Pro 2
Escooter Kaabo Warrior 11 Reid Xtrack
Etwow Kaabo Wolf Gt Reyth Xtrail
Evercross Kaabo Wolf King Roadster Ysett 9+
Evercrossblac/Red Kaabomantis10 Rohan Wings Zero 10
Evoltra King Song Roll Zero 10X
Evolv Kingsong Scooter Zero 8
Evolv Pro Plus Kinsong Scooter Wheel Zero 8X
Evolve Tour Xlr Urban Machina Kobra Scoots Zero 9
Evoque Kqi2 Sealup Zero10X
  Kqi3 Segway Zero9

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