E-Scooter Repair

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Betty Dworatschek

Merci!!!! Received Phenomenal Service! Beautifully Repaired my escooter after being damaged in an attempted theft. It’s like new again and the price was reasonable. Intake of the scooter was seamless & very detailed. The work was completed quickly. Everyone here is very professional. I had a great experience, will definitely go back for future service and highly recommend for escooter and ebike repairs.

Professional E-Scooter repair

Repair and Run is proud to offer full scale electrical diagnostics, warranty related issues, and general maintenance on E-scooters.

Repairs. Maintenance. Service. And more. Servicing and repairs on major brands such as Apollo, Ninebot, Xiaomi, Inokim, Dualtron, Zero, Speedway, Synergy, Kaboo and more.

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E-Scooter Tune-Up (up to 32km/hr)


E-Scooter Tune-Up (over 32km/hr)


Tube/Tire Replacement


Solid Tire/ Tube Replacement (Motor Wheel)


Solid Tire set Replacement


E-Scooter Tube/Tire Change Split Wheel


E-Scooter Tube/Tire Change Split Wheel over 32km/h


E-Scooter Mechanical Brake Tune-Uph


E-Scooter Disc Brake Pads Replacement and Adjustment


Fender Replacement


E-Scooter Tune Up

 -  ABC’s of E-Scooter maintenance Air, Brakes, and Care

  A clean and properly tuned E-Scooter will always make your ride more enjoyable. Checking your ABC’s will help maintain the different components and ensure your E-Scooter is properly running.

- Air - Having properly inflated tires provides ideal ride quality and cushion for bumps and road hazards, while maintaining efficient top speed and distance.  

- Brakes - are the most important part of any E-Scooter. They are the safety system for control. Make sure your brakes are tight and in correct working order and are able to bring your E-Scooter to a complete stop.

-Care -  Make sure your E-scooter is really tight, all bolts must be tight or the whole unit will fall apart. This is one of the most fundamental aspects to E-Scooter maintenance. Listen to strange sounds and keep it tight!

FAQs about E-Scooter Repair

How often should I service my E-Scooter?

  This can vary drastically on how much your E-Scooter gets used. Typically, a biyearly service plus an inspection at the beginning of the season is a good way to start to maintain the life of your E-Scooter. Of course, the more you may ride the more attention your E-Scooter will require as many parts such as brakes and tires wear down over time and need replacing. It is always better to practice good preventative maintenance measures instead of running into an unexpected problem while in the middle of your ride.

Are electric scooters environmentally friendly?

Electric scooters are very good for the environment. They don’t cause greenhouse gas emissions, and they also help reduce traffic jams. Much of their building material including their small batteries, can be recycled and reused.

Are electric scooters reliable?

Electric scooters produced in the last 5 years and over $1000 will be very reliable. Electric scooters have advanced quickly with quality, motor power, and battery capacity, both have increased many times over. Most modern brands will have great ranges and last for years if they are properly maintained.

How much do electric scooters cost?
Electric scooters prices can range from anywhere between $199 and $10,000. On average, electric scooters cost around $1200.
We don't recommend buying any E-Scooter for less than $1000 if you want to use it as a frequent transportation mode.

How much does it cost to service my E-Scooter?

  There are 200 different technical services that we offer to fully service any E-Scooter from start to finish. Every E-Scooter is different and will require different levels of attention based on the condition overall. Typically an E-Scooter would benefit most from a Tune Up covering all the necessary checkpoints to get you back on the road. A simple repair could cost as little as 10$ for a headset adjustment, to upwards of hundreds of dollars for more extensive and labour intensive repairs.

E-Scooter Advantages?

 Almost every E-scooter can take you 25 km/h or more, giving you that feeling like you have been teleported, not transported.

E-scooters provide a smooth and quiet ride across town while making sure you get where you need to be on time and in style.

Business people can, without any fears, dress in a suit and be ready for their daily meetings. No need to be concerned about being  sweaty, dirty because of the chain or wrinkled because of the seat.Electric scooters are a great method of transport for condo living as they fold in half, making them extremely easy to get in and out of tight spaces such as stairways, elevators and hallways.

More and more people who live in downtown areas are seeing the benefits of getting around town with the help of a folding electric scooter.

''There are 200 different technical services that we offer to fully service any E-Scooter from start to finish... ''

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