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E-Bike Repair

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Johnathan Hicks

This place is amazing. I've now taken both of my ebikes to them and they were able to service them the same day without much wait. Everyone I dealt with was extremely friendly and they're really knowledgeable and took the time to explain exactly what the issues were. I saw them do the same for other customers as well.

Professional E-Bike Repair

Electric bikes with mid drive or hub drive motors both pose their own unique problems when it comes to maintenance and wear and tear. Electrical components and controllers can short circuit, brush style motors can wear down and lose power and resiliency and eventually need replacing over time. Luckily, these are problems that can be solved.

Repair and Run offers full servicing and replacements on electrical components, lights, controllers, PAS sensors (pedal assist sensor), throttles, LCD displays,  head units and more.

We are proud to offer electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting of  ALL MAKES AND MODELS of electric bikes.Our professional technicians are trained to repair electrical failures relating to a wide variety of common as well as more complex issues. Our technicians are trained in service, and are certified by Bosch and Shimano’s S-tech specialty training program.

E-Bike Tune Up

  Electric bicycles compared to push bicycles take slightly more maintenance as they encompass many mechanical moving parts, motors and electrical systems that often fail - As do all electronics over time, which need replacing.

Electric bikes are designed to help you go faster and farther, making cycling in general more enjoyable - Meaning these types of bikes are taken on longer rides or cruises, collecting many kilometers along the way. These mechanical components are under higher levels of stress from the power and torque of the motor, creating more wear and tear on chains, cassettes, and wheels that may require service more frequently based on the high kilometer ranges that these bikes travel.

FAQs about E-Bike Repair

Why would I use an E-bike over a regular bike?

  E-bikes get you to where you need to go faster and easier than on a regular bike. Depending on how you choose to ride E-bikes can travel up to 32 km/h or more with the pressure of one finger! Climbing hills is a breeze... and we aren’t talking about the breeze from huffing and puffing.

Safer? That might seem counter intuitive since you can go faster than on a regular bike, but you also get an easier start from stopped positions, allowing you to get through an intersection steadier and quicker. When climbing steep hills with cars nearby you can focus more of your energy on controlling the bike instead of propelling the bike.

Ditch the car? Let’s not forget about the fact that biking is fun and the speed of an electric bike make it an alternative to an automobile more often than a regular bike. Studies have shown that E-bike owners ride more frequently and farther than when they relied on their traditional bike. This was the case for all ages.  The benefits of E-bikes is they are able to provide a fun transportation method for almost anyone, making it much more easy and accessible to create a bike riding experience that anyone can enjoy.

Respiratory issues, hips problems and other common signs of aging certainly does not stop anyone from owning an E-bike. It allows people to still remain mobile, and go-about their day as normal. Transportation is becoming more difficult with the price of gas, cars and insurance.

Let’s help you switch to an E-bike today! The average city commute is less than 8km making it totally realistic to ride to work instead of taking the car. Incorporating a fun and fast type of exercise in your morning routine is a great way to start the work day!

Let's take a minute to consider the cost effectiveness of riding an electric bike instead of taking a car to work each day.  An electric bike costs about 10 cents a day to “fuel” up, while a car costs $7 a day.  The savings are incredible while biking faster than ever before. Insurance is not necessary on E-bikes and can save you thousands when it comes to repair and insurance costs over the long term. An E-bike that is properly maintained can last years with proper care and attention.

How much does it cost to service my bike?

There are 200 different technical services that we offer to fully service any bike from start to finish. Every bike is different and will require different levels of attention based on the condition overall. Typically a bike would benefit most from a Basic Tune Up covering all the necessary checkpoints to get you back on the road.

A simple repair could cost as little as 10$ for a headset adjustment, to upwards of hundreds of dollars for more extensive and labour intensive repairs.

Do I need a license?

No. As long as the E-bike is programmed so that it can’t go more than 32km/h without pedalling, there is no need for a license. . FYI – you must be at least 16 years of age to operate an E-bike in public places.

Aren't electric bikes heavy?

As one of our customers told us, "E-bikes might be heavy to lift, but they are heavenly to ride."Electric bikes are typically heavier than regular bikes. But the weight of any bicycle (electrical or non-electrical) is felt the most when climbing hills. The electric assist on an E-bike makes up for the additional weight many times over. Where weight does matter is if you need to lift the bike.
That's one of the many reasons why E-bikes are favoured over moped style E-scooters, which often weight 150 pounds or more. If you have to climb several flights of stairs to store your bike, we strongly suggest finding a more accessible storage location.

Can I ride an E-bike as a regular bike - without the electric power?

Yes. And it is easy to switch back and forth. For example, you might want to use the power only when you are going up hills.Do I have to pedal? It depends on the E-bike. Some electric bikes sold in North America allow you to operate by simply turning the throttle without pedalling.
Many people think they cannot ride and E-bike. This totally untrue. Many companies have released different models or E-bike kits that have a throttle button for power and a powerful enough motor, therefore no need to ride or pedal at all. This makes it extremely easy for people with mobility issues and older riders who may have difficulty pedalling.

Should I buy a bike with a mid-drive motor or hub-motor?

They both have their benefits, it's usually easier to change a flat tire with a mid-drive and mid drive are more comfortable to ride as most of them rely on a torque sensor where hub motor only use a rotation sensor.

Typically hub style motors are less expensive, and more reliable. Mid drives motors are always more expensive and they tend to center the weight much better too. Mid drive motors will wear the chain quicker and put stress on the drivetrain whereas hub motors stress the wheels and spokes.

 The real test of determining which type of motor is best for you is to ride both and compare.

''There are 200 different technical services that we offer to fully service any bike from start to finish... ''

Electrical Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Our professional technicians are highly trained in the repair of electrical failures. They undergo continuous training in-store and also follow recognized training courses from Bosch and Shimano.

Some of the E-Bikes we repair:

1Up Gen3 Men'S Movin Rize Fixie
360 Genesis Movin Style Rize Leisure
Advecan Adventure Genesis Trafik Movin Union Rize Mini
Amego Gensheng Mozo Lbte500 Rize Snow
Amego Freedom Genshing N+ Championship Rizeblade
Amego Infinite + Gepida Asgard Pro N+ Championship Edition Road Runner
Amego Infinite Plus Gesheng N+ Formula E team Samebike Folding
Amego Milano Gforce N+ Mercedes Schwinn
Amego Nfinite Giant N+ Silver Arrow Sport Scooterelli
Ancheer Giant Converted Ncm Scottsilence
Aventon Giant Quick E Ncm Aspen Sdream
Aventon Peace Gio Ncm Elektro Shualing City
Bella Moto Gio Electric H1 Volt Ncm Fat Ebike Smlroxdc600
Benelli Glee Ncm Hardtail Soma
Bengshi Go Bike Ncm Milano Sondors
Bicystar Go Trax Ncm Milano Plus Sorentech
Biktrix Go Trax Super Sport Ncm Moscow Sparkbikes
Biktrix Duo Gosen Ncm Moscow + Specialized
Bionix Gotrax Ncm Moscow 48V Street Cruiser
Black Ebikew Gotrax Ebe1 Ncm Moscow Plus Stromer
Blu Rev Gotrax Ebe3 Ncm Prague Stromer St1X
Carbo Gotrax Ebe5 Ncm White
Styriette Limited Edition
Ccm Gotrax Folding Ncm Yukon Super 73
Ccm Velocity Gotrax Super Sport Norco Indie 3 Super73
Daily Sports Greenway Norco Sight E Supercycle
Dashuo Gt Orbea Gain Surface 604 Boar
Daymach Max Speed Health Orca
Synergy Bottle Rocket
Daymak Milan Ebike Hellionu66 Paselec Gs9+ Tank
Daymak Paris Heybike Pathfinder Magnum Tank X
Daymak Paris Himiway Pedego Taotao Bikes
Diamond Back Atb Honeywell Phat Recumbent Tego
Dj Bike Hotbike Energy Polarna Tern Long Tail
Dj Bikes Hyper Polarna R01Ao3 Tesgo
Donkey Hyper 36 Ele Assit Power Cycle Tesoro
Dost Drop Hyper Eride Power Trail Tofino
E.T Cycle F1000 Hyper Eride City Powerfly Townie
Ebgo Igo Propella Townie Electra
Ebgo Cc47 Igo 700 Q7 Gosen Treck Navigator 2.0
Egbo Igo Aspire Rad Power Trek
Elby Igo Cruz Rad Power Bike Trek Verve +
Electra Townie Igo Extreme 3.1 Rad Power Bike Runner Trekneco+
Electric Igo Fat Bike Rad Power Bikes Trenoli
Emini Igo The Royal 20 Inch Fat Fatbike Rad Power Rad Rover Triobike
Emmo Ironhorse Desperado 29 Rad Power Radcity Tyre
Emmo Ebike Iuseek Rad Powers City 5 Tzone
Emmo Ewild Jamis Rad Rover Urban Cruzer
Emmo F7 Jetson Rad Rover V5 Vanmoof
Emmo Fat 26 Jetson Bolt Rad Rover V5 Fat Tire Vbike
Emmo Monta Jetson Mini Rad Runner Veco
Emotion Nitro Jeyson Mini Bike Radmission Velec
Emoveblack Juiced Bikes Radpower Velec A2
Envo Junction Radpower Rad Mission Velec Rx36
Envo D35 Kbo Breeze Radpower Radcity Vermont 48
Envo Flex Kez Radpower Radcity 5 Plus Vermont Ebike
Envo Folding Kyoto Radpower Radmini Vgo
Envo Lynx Lanke Radpower Radmission Vgo By Emmo
Envo Overland Lectra Radpower Radrover 6 Plus Victor
Envo St Lectric Radpower Radrunner Victor Ebikes
Et Cycle Lectric Experience Radpower Utility+ Victor Fearless
Et Cycle Folding Lectric Xp Radpowercity + Volt Bike
Et Cycle T1000 Lectric Xp Light Radrover Plus Volt Mariner
Etcycle Lectric Xpedition Radrunner Volt Yukon 750
Etcycle. Lectric Xplite Radwagon Volt Yukon V2
Evo Bike Louis Garneau Raleigh Getaway Voltbike
Ezywheel M Tank Hardtail Raleigh Harlan Voltbike Yukon 750
F7 Emmo Magnum Plus Raleigh Transfer
Voro Motors Road Runner
Fco Magnum Premium Razorblade Wake Tank
Flex Max Ebike Rbsm Wheelspeed
Flex Revelo Max Sebike Rbsm Sports Wing
Flyer T Series Mercedes Rbsm Sportsmud Adder Yric Grafiti
Frike Mercedes N+ Formula E Ride 1 Up Yubamundo
Frike Atxbbe0 Metakoo Riese & Muller Tinker 2 Yuexinou
Fucare Milan Rise Blade 2 Yukon750
Funecyclo Mini Random Riseblade Zap
G Stride Mootoro Rize Zhengbu
Gazelle Motocross Rize Blade Zhengbu Fat Bike
Gen 3 Mountain Conversion Rize Blade Wheel Zhengbu Hardtail
Gen3 Flex Movelo Rize Bolt X Zoomo

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