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Bike Tune Ups

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Michelle Tran

Amazing customer service and very efficient! Staff are incredibly knowledgeable and reliable. Highly recommend this shop as your go-to shop as summer biking season begins.

Bicycle Tune Ups Prices and Compositions

Classic Tune Up (Incl “10 point inspection’’)


- Safety check (welds, stem, calipers, rim, crankset, etc.)
- Wear Inspection and estimate for future work
- Checking and tightening of all screws
- Basic Wheel Truing (On the bike)
- Brake adjustment
- Shifting Adjustment
- Derailleur hanger alignment (If necessary)
- Transmission lubrication
- Tire pressure
- Basic Bike Fitting with Saddle and Steering Adjustment

Premium / E-Bike Tune Up


- Classic Tune Up (Incl “10 point inspection’’)
- Transmission cleaning and dusting
- Spoke tension (on the bike)
- Controls and protections of connectors and electrical harnesses

Premium plus Tune Up (Recommended for E-Bikes and high end bikes)


- The entire Premium Tune Up
- Cable and Casing or Hose Replacement (extra charge of $60 for internal route)
- Brake pad replacement (Brake pads at customer's charge)
- Hub full disassembly Cleaning and lubrication
- Headset full disassembly Cleaning and lubrication
- Bottom bracket full disassembly Cleaning and lubrication
- Spokes tension (on stand)

Pro Tune Up (Recommended for High End and specific bikes once a year)


-Premium Plus Tune Up
-Detailed Parts Assessment for maintenance and upgrades
-Full disassembly
-Deep Wash,Cleaning and lubrication

Deep Wash and detailed Cleaning


- Complete Transmission Cleaning and lubrication
- Complete cleaning (Biodegradable product)

*All parts, taxes and services not included in the tune-up are extra

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