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E-Scooter Flat Tire Repair

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Sasha Mack

I randomly found these guys last summer and have had them complete all my E-scooter repairs since. I've had a lot of bad luck with tires blowing out and Repair and Run has always helped me quickly and professionally. Killian has done many of my repairs and he's really the best. I messed up my breaks about a week and a half ago, and Rémy was able to fix it on the spot in 15 minutes which I was super appreciative of.

E-Scooter Flat Tire Repair Prices and Compositions

Tire and Tube replacement on E-Scooter is a difficult work that require strength, skills and specific tools.
We are able to service most brands and stock 90% of the market sizes for tubes and tires.


Prices includes LABOUR ONLY for Tube, Solid tire , Tubeless tire installation.

Non-Motorized Wheel


Motorized Wheel

$69 or $89 for solid tire

Split Wheel


Tubeless Repair


Solid tires set replacement

$138 $119

A flat tire means that you need to replace your tube and maybe your tire.

Most Flat tires are caused by:

-Puncture on the tube or tubeless tire because of a sharp object.

-Pinch Flat because the tire was not inflated enough.

-Worn tire, tires tends to wear inside and destroy the tube , again the cause is not only aging but also that tire was not inflated enough.


Average Tube cost

$15 to $22

Average Tire Cost

$39 to $69

How to Avoid Flat Tire?

-Inflate your tires often with a good pump, you might need an adapter.

-Stop riding your E-Scooter as soon as you get a flat , this will save you buying a new tire.

Are Solid Tires a good option?

Solid tires are a good option to avoid 100% of the flat but they have their drawbacks:

-We've selected the best and most comfortable solid tires in the market but they come with a loss of comfort.

-Having one solid tire is a good compromise. We can help you decide if a front or rear is best for your E-Scooter's model.

- Solid tires can cause issues with the electronics on basic E-scooters.  We can make that determination for you before you commit to a solid tire.

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