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E-Scooter Tune Ups

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Varvara Smakova

Got some work done on our scooter recently. Professional, fast, friendly. Will come back again whenever needed..

E-Scooter Tune Up's Prices and Compositions

Level 1 Tune Up
Under 32km/h
Incl “6 points inspection’’

$69 $54

-Safety elements Verification(Welding, folding system, calipers, wheels, handlebars)
-Checking and tightening of all screws with Loctite application on loose bolts
-Brake adjustment
-Tire pressure
-Inspection of Wear and tear
-Inspection and estimate of future maintenance.

Level 2 Tune Up
Over 32km/h
Incl ''10 points inspection''

$115 $100

- Level 1 Tune Up (Incl “6 point inspection’’ ) +
- Connection and electric component verification
- Folding system complete overall
- Preventive Loctite application
- Controls and protections of connectors and electrical harnesses

Deep Wash and detailed Cleaning


- Complete Rotor and under deck cleaning
- Complete cleaning (Biodegradable product)

*All parts, taxes and services not included in the tune-up are extra

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