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Service rules / Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

Service Rules

Appointment and Work Management:

  • Book Online: Expedite your service by booking appointments online. Having your information on file streamlines the process.
  • Quotes: Receive an on-the-spot quote or a proposal via email or phone upon dropping off your bike.
  • Approval & Completion: After quote approval, we'll provide an estimated completion date. We'll seek your approval for any additional work or parts needed.
  • Notification: You'll be notified via text, email, or phone upon completion of the repair.
  • Pickup Reminder: A reminder will be sent 2 days after notification, with an additional 48 hours for pickup. A $5/day parking fee applies thereafter to help us manage space efficiently.


Abandoned Items:

  • Pick-Up Policy: You have 2 days to pick up your repair after notification, unless you've prearranged a later date.
  • Late Pick-Up & Fees: If not picked up within 2 days, you'll receive a second notice. A $5 daily storage fee will be applied for the first 10 days following this notice. After the initial 10 days, the storage fee escalates to $20 per day for the next 20 days. 
  • Unclaimed Items: Items not picked up within 30 days from the second notice may be sold, donated, or recycled at our discretion.




  • 6-Month Warranty: All repairs are warrantied for 6 months. Our technicians are committed to quality and will make right any issues through adjustments or repair re-execution as needed.


Other Policies:

  • Kickstand: We are not responsible for scratches or damages on bikes, E-Bikes, and E-Scooters without a kickstand.
  • Cleaning Fee: A cleaning fee may be charged, with your approval, before proceeding with the repair.
  • Stripped Bolt Fee: Additional work required for stripped bolts, especially on scooters, incurs a charge. Your approval will be sought before proceeding.
  • Battery Safety: We reserve the right to refuse service for damaged batteries, chargers, or any parts endangering our staff.


General Conditions for In-Store Repair & Sale


These conditions apply to all sales of products and services by Repair And Run. Acceptance of these terms is required at the time of order, which can be confirmed through various forms of agreements.


Customers can obtain a free quote for services. Repair And Run is not bound by estimates in case of customer error or omission about the vehicle's condition.

Prices & Tariffs

Prices are based on current rates at the time of service. Customers are informed prior to any additional services that are necessary. All products and services are payable in cash upon delivery or collection of the vehicle.

Conditions of Execution

We reserve the right to refuse service if standards cannot be met. Repair And Run is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items left with the vehicle, except for integrated equipment and accessories.


It's the customer's responsibility to check service conformity upon collection. Any complaints should be directed to Repair And Run via email at [email protected].

Risk & Recovery

Risk transfers to the customer upon vehicle handover. Vehicles must be collected at the end of repair or by the close of business, unless alternate arrangements are made.

Guarantee & Responsibilities

Our guarantee covers non-conformity and hidden defects, with remedies limited to reimbursement or replacement of damaged products due to service error.

Privacy & Freedom Law

Customer information is processed for sales or service management purposes and is protected under Canadian privacy laws.

Attribution of Jurisdiction

Disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court, except where legal rules of competence apply.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. We collect and use your information solely for service improvement and operation. We do not sell or lease your personal information to third parties. Our complete privacy policy is available on our website.

For any inquiries or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us directly.

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