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9 Essential Tips for Bicycle Couriers

Advice drawn from many years' experience in helping Bike Couriers.

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At Repair and Run, we have a deep understanding of the bicycle courier industry, having supported couriers for many years.

We are intimately familiar with the unique challenges that accompany this profession, offering a 10% discount to all bike courier from day 1.

Our commitment to fostering strong business-to-business relationships with bicycle couriers is unwavering.

We prioritize respect and assistance as our core principles.

Here are 9 tips we learned that could definitely help you:

1. Regular Maintenance is Key:

Keep your bicycle, E-scooter, or E-bike in top condition by scheduling routine maintenance checks at our repair shop.

Some of the work can be done on your own . Tightening all screws with a simple Multi-tool will make your bike last longer.
You can easily tight all screws , this will make your bike sturdy and strong.

Another way to keep a bike in a good shape is to clean it from time to time. (See Below)

2. Tire Pressure Matters:

Check tire pressure daily. Properly inflated tires provide better efficiency and reduce the risk of flats.

Having the correct pressure will give you more battery life.

See recommended pressure on the tire side.

We will always let you inflate your bike for free in all of our stores!

3. Brake Safety:

Inspect your brakes frequently, and replace worn brake pads promptly to ensure reliable stopping power.

Listen and look at your brakes often, ask us in store the proper way to check brake pads wear.

4. Invest in Quality Locks:

Don't skimp on bike locks. Invest in high-quality locks to deter theft and keep your valuable delivery vehicle secure.

We recommend Kryptonite and Abus locks and stock those in all stores.

5. Weather-Appropriate Gear:

Dress for the elements. Equip yourself with rain gear, gloves, and layers for comfort during various weather conditions.

Enhance your visibility with bright clothing, reflectors, and bike lights, especially when working at night.

6. Customer Service Matters:

Be polite and professional when interacting with customers. Good customer service can lead to higher tips and repeat business.

7. Carry a basic tool, learn Basic Repairs, Clean your bike

Carry a basic tool kit, including a tire pump, multi-tool, and patch kit for on the go repairs.
Familiarize yourself with basic bicycle repairs, such as fixing a flat tire and adjusting brakes, to avoid downtime.

Do a weekly cleaning, this will dramatically improve your bike lifespan!

8. Get a spare Bike/Scooter

Your reliable E-Bike is fast and efficient, but unexpected issues can arise.

Being unable to work for days due to a breakdown is a situation you want to avoid.

Having a budget-friendly backup bike can be a real lifesaver in the event that your primary bike or E-Bike encounters problems.

9. Stay Hydrated and Energized:

Carry water and snacks to stay hydrated and maintain your energy levels during long shifts.

Driving in the city require concentration, eating enough to be able to stay focus for long period of time is a good investment.


Keep all of your receipt for tax deductions. This can play a big part in your bottom line as a messenger.

See details here

Self-employed foot and bicycle couriers and rickshaw drivers can deduct the cost of the extra food and beverages they must consume in a normal working day (eight hours) because of the nature of their work. The daily flat rate that can be claimed is $23.

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