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How to Maintain an E-Scooter

How to Maintain an E-Scooter

Has your e-scooter been acting up or performing slower than normal? This is a common sign that it’s in need of a little TLC. Read on to learn how to maintain an e-scooter so you can keep it running safely and efficiently.

Why It’s Necessary to Maintain an E-Scooter

Like any piece of equipment, regular maintenance is needed to keep it functioning properly and safely. The same applies to your e-scooter. Taking good care of it will help to reduce potential hazards and breakdowns, reduce repair costs, and make it more reliable whenever you need it. A good habit to practice is doing a quick inspection before you step onto your e-scooter. Focus on the condition of the frame, wheels, and brakes. By doing this, you can make sure it’s safe to use, which is the main priority.

Keep it Clean

The most important step for general e-scooter maintenance is keeping it clean. This doesn’t just mean rinsing it off with the hose. As an electric piece of equipment, it needs a more detailed cleaning. Use a rag or microfiber cloth and dampen it to remove any dirt and grime on the scooter. If there’s caked-on dirt that can’t be removed with the cloth, use an old toothbrush or paintbrush to tackle any stubborn areas. If needed, use a tiny bit of soap and water. 

Check and Replace Brakes When Necessary

As the most important part of the e-scooter, it’s important to take care of the brakes. Certain e-scooters will require more frequent adjustments than others. If the brake pads are starting to look worn, don’t ignore them. Have them replaced at your local e-scooter shop.

Maintain Tires

The tires are another important feature of maintenance. Keep an eye on them and check the air pressure often. If the performance of your scooter has noticeably slowed or handling becomes challenging, your tires are likely to blame. If the tires feel or appear under-flated, you can use a bike pump to top them back up. Check the pressure monitor gauge before you hop back on the scooter.

Avoid Draining the Batteries Completely

A simple care and maintenance tip is to avoid draining your batteries completely. Over time, this can reduce the lifespan of the batteries. To make them last as long as possible, keep them topped it.

Be Cautious During Bad Weather

Some e-scooters are designed to be more resilient during bad weather. Each scooter comes with an IP rating which indicates how waterproof it is – or isn’t. The higher the number, the better it will be during wet weather. It’s a good idea to learn what your IP rating is so you can plan your ride based on the forecast. If your IP is low, avoid taking it out during messy weather conditions. 

Store it in a Temperate Environment

When it’s time to store away your e-scooter for the winter, make sure it’s placed in a location that won’t experience cold temperatures. Ideally, it should be kept in a temperate environment to avoid damage. Also, don’t forget to charge it fully every month even when it’s not in use to keep the battery in good condition.

E-scooters are incredible devices, and they’re one of the easiest modes of transportation today. To keep your ride running smoothly and safely, don’t skip out on maintenance. When it’s time to leave it in for repairs, replacements or a checkup, trust our experts at Repair and Run. We have professionally trained technicians who offer same-day service, or they can even come to you. There’s also a full warranty applied on all parts and labour. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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