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Essential Tips for Bike and E-Scooter riding

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For dedicated cyclists, a little rain shouldn't deter the joy of riding.

While navigating the roads under wet conditions can pose challenges, adopting the right techniques and equipment can make all the difference.

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you master the art of riding in the rain.


Adapting Your Riding Style
Riding in wet conditions demands adjustments in your riding style. Anticipate road conditions to ensure safe cycling, especially when it comes to braking. Sudden stops can lead to accidents, so opt for gradual and controlled braking, and be cautious of slippery surfaces.(Dead leaves, white stripes on crosswalks, manhole covers, tramway tracks…)

Mastering the Brakes
Braking in the rain requires finesse. Invest in specialised brake pads designed for wet conditions. Know when to brake before a descent to ensure a smooth ride. Avoid using the front brake too much excessively to prevent skidding. Maintain a relaxed posture and look ahead to anticipate turns.

Parts, gears and accessories

Choosing the Right Tires and pressure
Tire pressure and grip are crucial in wet weather. Opt for all-season tires designed for enhanced traction, and consider slightly decreasing tire pressure for a more stable grip on the road. Keep enough pressure to avoid flats (see below)

Ensure your bike has reliable fenders. Our shops provide various styles that fit any bike. These are your primary protection against water projection.


Suit Up for the Rain:
Invest in quality waterproof gear, including a breathable and lightweight rain jacket, pants, and shoe covers or waterproof shoes. Don't forget to protect your hands with waterproof gloves and ensure visibility with high-visibility accessories. Consider carrying spare clothes as well.

Post-Ride Maintenance:
Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your bike's longevity. After riding in the rain, promptly clean your bike, paying special attention to the chain and brakes. Lubricate the chain with wet lube to prevent rusting and ensure smooth functioning.

Safety Measures for E-Bikes and E-Scooters

Riding habits:
Riding an electric bike or scooter in the rain requires additional precautions. Maintain balanced braking between the front and rear brakes, and adapt your speed.

Protecting Your Gear:
Shield your bike accessories from the rain. Invest in waterproof covers for your saddle, battery, display and other electronic components to prevent damage and ensure a longer lifespan for your equipment..

Scooter specific tips:
Make sure your water protection level is appropriate , see IP ratings on this nice article.
Make sure to dry your scooter at the end of your journey. Pay special attention to the display area and under the deck. Use a clean rag to wipe the rotors.

Definitely avoid riding in heavy rain as most scooters cannot handle it. If you get caught in heavy rain, make sure to avoid puddles or anything that could submerge the scooter.


Pro Tip:

With the rain, punctures are more frequent, as small debris sticks to the tires, jams, and penetrates the tires and tubes. Avoid dirty spots, puddles, and glass by watching the road when possible. Clean your tires with a rag when you get home/work to remove obvious small sharp objects and prevent flats on the next ride.

Use a rain detection app like the new Weather Network Assistant and/or Radar for real-time weather updates.!


Keep in mind that light rain is generally not an issue as the speed will dry your clothes fast enough to not even feel the moisture. With the information provided, you are now prepared to face heavier rain. However, we advise against riding in extremely adverse weather conditions. We hope the above tips will help you feel more confident biking in the rain.

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