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Turn your bike into an eBike with the Swytch Kit

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Repair and Run has been installing, repairing, and customizing Swytch kits for several years now. As experts in e-bikes, we appreciate the quality and user-friendliness of this product.

Swytch believes sustainable transport shouldn’t cost the Earth, so they've made it their mission to make electric transport accessible to everybody.

Swytch's mission is to turn drivers into cyclists by converting bikes into eBikes

Swytch is a London UK startup with an industry-leading product and global recognition. To date, there are over 85,000 loyal Swytchers across 100+ countries, who’ve collectively ridden over 13 million miles / 20 million kilometres! make it normal with nice spaces

Which bike would you like Swytch to turn into an E-Bike?

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To determine your bike’s axle size, follow these simple steps:
Remove the wheel.
Measure the gap between the two sides of your fork dropout using a tape measure or callipers.
Here's a video to help you determine the correct axle size:

Need help?  Check this video


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