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12 Tips to Make Your E-Bike Go Further

12 Tips to Make Your E-Bike Go Further

Are you not getting the full range of your e-bike? A little tweaking and adjusting will help fix any lag you’re experiencing and optimize the efficiency of your e-bike. Here are 12 simple tips to make your e-bike go further.

Add More Of Your Own Power

There’s no surprise that putting more of your own pedalling power into your ride will drastically increase your e-bike range. But did you know that if you pedal while accelerating, it will cut the energy use down significantly? It’s one easy tip to get more power needed to push the e-bike a little further.  

Turn Down The Assist Level

The e-bike pedal assist function is super convenient as it provides power to the motor, helping you pedal easier. However, the assist function can also suck the power out of your bike. If you’re starting to run out of battery range, simply turn down the assist level to 1 and start pedalling moderately. You’ll get an instant boost in range. 

Recharge More Often

A good way to get your e-bike to go further is to charge it more frequently.  A battery with a higher charge will have more voltage. This will get you more range and more speed. So, bring a battery charger with you when you go out next and recharge while you’re running errands or visiting friends. And ensure that you keep the battery charge between 20 to 80 per cent to help maximize your e-bike’s battery life.

Replace The Battery

Like every other battery, the one in your e-bike will eventually degrade over time. If you’re not getting the same range as you once did, it might be time to replace it. If you’re going to buy new, aim for a bigger battery that can add more range.

Inflate The Tires

The more weight on the bike, the more energy the bike has to use, especially when going uphill. If you find that your weight is impacting your range, try inflating your tires to as high as you can handle. Pumping to the max pressure rating will reduce the rolling resistance, but it will also create a tougher, bumpier ride.

Reset Your Seat

The position of your seat can also impact the total power output. To increase the overall efficiency, set the seat high enough that your leg is fully stretched out when you touch the peddles. Physics will do the rest. 

Use Smoother Tires

Do the tires on your e-bike have lots of ridges and knobs? These types of tires are great for gripping corners but not so great when it comes to speed and distance. Having a set of smooth tires will have less rolling resistance and allow you to go further. 

Switch To Narrower Tires

The tire width can also affect the total distance your bike can travel. Another way to optimize the e-bike to go further is to swap out the tires for one’s that are narrower. 

Adjust Your Posture

The windier it is outside, the more drag you’ll experience on your e-bike. However, you can reduce the drag and make yourself more aerodynamic by adjusting your posture by crouching over the handlebars. 

Reduce Throttle Use

Do you like to go full throttle when on the bike? If you can reduce the amount of throttle use and keep the acceleration more consistent, you can keep more energy in the battery. Tip: Pick up a watt meter so that you can better control your acceleration for optimal performance.  

Accelerate Slowly

Are you trying to gain full speed right after you’ve stopped? You’re going to consume a lot of energy riding this way. Ease up on the acceleration, especially when riding up a hill, to allow your e-bike to conserve more energy. 

Maintain The Parts

Every few months, give your bike a quick inspection to see what needs a little care. All it really takes is a little oil for your chain and quick break tuning to optimize your e-bike and improve its overall efficiency on the road. 

Does your e-bike need a repair or tune-up? Visit us at Repair and Run, and one of our trained technicians will help to optimize your e-bike for you.

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