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Cargo Bike Repair

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David Urbach

When my shifter cable snapped on my commute to work, I thought I was stuck because it seems impossible to get emergency bike repairs in downtown Toronto. I brought my bike in at 3:30 PM and was riding out by 4:15 PM, with the cable fixed, brakes re-balanced, and great maintenance advice. Incredibly helpful and friendly staff. Bring your bike here for emergency repairs or routine maintenance.

Professional Cargo bike repair

Repair And Run is the first national network for repairing of traditional or electric mobility vehicles.

We know how to repair most Cargo and Longtail bikes  Brands like: Babboe, Bullit, Yuba, Nihola…In addition to repairing Cargo Bikes, we can also install electric conversion kits to give you an extra boost!

We also offer a wide range of safety accessories: helmets, locks, lights etc.

Maintain your cargo bike

Don’t replace your Cargo-Bike, repair it with us to ride with peace of mind.

We repair and perform maintenance on all your Bikes, E-bikes, Cargo bikes and E-scooters with the highest quality.

Visit us in-store, or we’ll come to you!

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