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Ski, Snowboard, and Skate Tune-Ups

Whether you’re an ice skater, snowboarder, or alpine skier, the right equipment – and equipment maintenance – can make all the difference, whether competing or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Our team at Repair and Run offers a great selection of tune-up services for this reason, helping you maximize the fun and minimize downtime. From skate sharpening to hot waxing boards and skis, we’re an ideal choice for sporting enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike!

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Skate Sharpening


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Ski/Snowboard Tune-up


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Ski Tune-Ups

Does your set of alpine skis need a little sprucing up? Tree pun aside, we know how important it is to maintain the smoothest ride down the slopes and maximum control. Let Repair and Run help you make the most of the snowfall season with our ski tuning services. We’re excited to provide dedicated waxing, sharpening, and minor base repairs for your alpine ski equipment.

Ski Waxing

Skis need to be kept waxed on a regular basis to maximize efficiency and control. Our hot waxing, done by hand, makes this process easy and hassle-free, helping you get back to the slopes sooner rather than later! Plus, save the tax on any single waxing service for the whole winter season, or purchase a season pass that includes five of them!

FAQs about Ski Tuning

What does a ski tune-up include?

A ski tune-up at Repair and Run can include several steps, depending on the work required. Our standard tune up includes minor base repairs, edge sharpening, and hot waxing services by hand if needed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Ski Sharpening

If your skis are dull, they aren’t performing to their fullest potential. We can help with that! Our dedicated sharpening service will free your edges of burrs and other annoyances, helping you stay in control when you’re hitting those turns hard. This is especially useful when skiing on hardened and/or packed snow.

Does Repair and Run work on all types of skis?

Currently we do not, we only offer our ski tune-up services on alpine ski equipment.

Snowboard Tune-Ups

To all you snowboarders out there, don’t be worried about high prices or long wait times. Our dedicated snowboard tuning services are fast, cost-effective, and easy, helping you focus on the sport you love most and making memories with friends. With our dedicated tuning services, we cover all the angles so you can crush those flips and jumps.

Snowboard Waxing

Our snowboard hot waxes are done by hand – and with absolute care. Your equipment deserves the attention of a trained expert, and that’s where we come in, ensuring the smoothest movement possible. What’s more, you’ll save the tax on any single snowboard waxing service for the winter, or consider a season pass that includes five of these!

FAQs About Snowboard Tuning

How long does a snowboard tune-up take?

In most cases, a snowboard tune-up at Repair and Run can be finished the same day.

Snowboard Sharpening

On the subject of movement, every board needs to go in for a sharpening when drag begins to occur. Our snowboard sharpening services are quick and easy, removing any imperfections along the bottom and edges.

How often should I tune-up my skis or snowboard?

While there are some factors that will determine the required tune-up frequency, a general rule of thumb is every two months or so for skiing and/or snowboarding enthusiasts. Typically, it should be done every 15 to 20 sessions, depending on how aggressive you ride. Of course, if you use the equipment less frequently or only do so for fun, once a year is perfectly fine. The quality of the wax used will also affect this, which is why we use high-quality products when waxing skis or snowboards by hand. In any case, if you feel unusual resistance, notice burrs on your edges or are having trouble on turns, come into our shop to get a quick and professional tune-up!

Skate Sharpening Services

Our dedicated skate sharpening services are quick, highly efficient, and handled by experts who love what they do. Whether you need to keep up your competitive edge or minimize the risk of stumbling, we’re happy to help! In just a few minutes, we can restore the blades of your skates to like-new condition. If you need a specific edge style and have a brand-new pair, we can ensure the best possible glide or grip edge as needed.

Skating Season Passes Available!

If you’d like to save even more on sharpening services, consider our skating season passes! These are available in bundles of five or 10 to suit your skating frequency.

FAQs About Skate Sharpening

How often should you sharpen skates?

This will depend largely on the amount of time you spend skating, or the number of sessions. Frequent, heavy use of skating equipment will increase wear on the blade and dull it at an accelerated rate. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get to know your skates and how they feel. If you’re losing control in any way, or doing so more frequently than usual, then it’s likely time for a skate sharpening.

How long does it take to sharpen skates?

Our skate sharpening services in Toronto can get the job done in around 20 minutes, meaning you can get back on the ice and enjoy your favourite wintertime pastime that much sooner.

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