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City Ice Skating Tips: Toronto, Ottawa Edition!

Lace-Up for a Frosty Adventure on Ice!


Winter in Toronto and Ottawa transforms these bustling cities into enchanting winter wonders, offering skating enthusiasts a unique experience in the urban landscape. Whether you're a seasoned skater or putting on your skates for the first time, these cities offer a canvas of icy fun just waiting to be explored. Lace up your skates and let's discover best practices, safety tips and the joys of skating in the heart of the city.

Discovering Urban Ice Skating Gems

Toronto's Urban Oases:

Toronto boasts several iconic ice skating locations. Nathan Phillips Square, nestled in front of City Hall, transforms into a glittering rink during the winter months. The Bentway (See picture below), under the Gardiner Expressway, offers a unique urban trail experience. For a serene escape, the Evergreen Brick Works pond provides a tranquil setting.

More info on the city's website.

Ottawa's Rideau Canal Skateway:

The world's largest naturally frozen skating rink, the Rideau Canal Skateway (See image at right) , winds through the heart of Ottawa. Glide along this UNESCO World Heritage site and take in stunning views of the cityscape.

Discover more places to skate in Ottawa in this article!


Best Practices for Urban Skating

Check Rink Conditions:
Before heading out, check the condition of the rink. City websites often provide real-time updates on ice quality and open/close status.

Dress in Layers:
The crisp winter air demands proper attire. Dress in layers to stay warm but ensure you have the flexibility to move comfortably.

Proper Skating Technique:
For beginners, practice proper skating technique. Bend your knees slightly, keep your back straight, and look forward. Remember, it's about balance and rhythm.


Safety First: Tips for a Secure Glide

Helmet and Protective Gear:
Safety must be a priority. If you're new to skating or tricks, remember to wear a helmet and protective equipment.

Mind Your Surroundings:
Stay aware of your surroundings. Respect the flow of skaters and be mindful of other users, especially in crowded urban rinks.

Know the Ice:
Watch for signs indicating the condition of the ice. Be cautious around cracks or uneven surfaces.


The Joy of Urban Ice Skating

Spectacular views:
One of the joys of city skating is the breathtaking backdrop it provides. Admire twinkling city lights and iconic monuments as you glide through the heart of the city.

Community spirit:
Urban skating often fosters a sense of community. Whether it's cheering on other skaters or participating in impromptu winter festivals, the shared experience is part of the fun.

Warm-up stops:
Take advantage of nearby cafés or warming stations. Enjoy a hot drink and recharge your batteries before hitting the ice again.

Conclusion: Glide Into City Magic

Ice skating in Toronto and Ottawa isn't just a winter activity, it's an urban adventure.
Whether it's mastering the basics or admiring the city lights, every glide on the ice adds a touch of magic to your winter experience.
So lace up your skates, enjoy the frigid air and discover the joys of urban skating in these Canadian gems.


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